January 31, 2017

Managing the Contract Manufacturer: Is Your Product Ownership at Risk?

Product development with a contract manufacturer can seem like a good choice for a start-up company. Low or no-cost engineering in exchange for the manufacturing contract is an attractive incentive for companies on a shoestring budget. But how do you protect yourself and retain ownership of your medical device product development? First, understand that a contract manufacturer is far more interested in manufacturing your product than in developing it. Development is often not their ‘A’ […]
December 20, 2016
Medical Device Development Software

6 Smart Ways to Spend Money and Create Value for Your Medical Device

Every start-up company is looking for a successful endpoint: Bringing their product to market; or acquisition.  In either case, the degree of success is determined by the company’s perceived value.  Therefore, how can a start-up medical device company, which spends money and doesn’t generate revenue, create value?  Here are 6 key points to focus on in order to spend your precious start-up dollars wisely to create maximum value:   Robust, refined prototypes. You want to […]
October 27, 2016

Acquisition Transition: The Benefits of Outsourced Medical Device R&D

Once you’ve sold your medical device company, the work of transition begins. What does your R&D team need to do to meet your acquiring company’s needs and fulfill your contractual obligations? And will they be there to carry your device across the finish line? Typically the acquirer wants to “acquire” your key team, at least for a while, but when faced with new opportunities, you can’t be assured that everyone will stay in place for […]
October 11, 2016
Due Diligence for Acquisition or Angel Investing

Due Diligence: Funding & Acquisition of Your Medical Device Company

You have developed a spectacular product. You have a good idea of the value of your company. You’ve worked hard to attract four potential buyers. And now the day has come. Your first day of due diligence. Meeting with your first potential buyer (the deal you really want!). Are you ready? How will you answer the technical questions that come up? Specifics about engineering, product development history, pre-clinical testing methodology choices, and materials sourcing? Who […]