Our Team

  • Eric Johnson

    Co-founder / CEO / President R&D
    • Veteran of medical device product development since 1995
    • Named on 30 patents and many applications in process
    • Created REV·1 in order to drive more quality products to market
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  • Phillip Burke

    Co-Founder of REV·1 Engineering & Chief Operations Officer
    • Expertise in every stage of Medical Device Product Development
    • Specializes in project/portfolio management, leading teams through the R&D process
    • Confidence fueled by the REV·1 Team he and Eric have built to take on the most complex and challenging development programs in the industry
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  • Ryan Ragland

    Principal Engineer
    • With REV·1 since 2007
    • Proficient in accelerating early processes phases
    • Expert in rapid prototyping methods and strategies
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  • Edward Bell

    Principal Engineer/PM
    • Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Injection Molding experience since 1985
    • Expert in program management and the Product Development Process
    • Global manufacturing and industry experience including Europe and the Far East
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  • Darrin Kent

    Principal Engineer
    • In the medical industry since 1999; at REV·1 since 2011
    • In-vivo and in-vitro pre-clinical experience
    • Leader of innovation and rapid product development
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  • Kevin Magrini

    Principal Engineer
    • Broad experience in R&D, manufacturing, equipment automation, and quality engineering
    • Fully proficient at CNC programming and machining
    • Willingness to put in hard work on any job, going above and beyond, to exceed clients’ expectations
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  • Peter D'Aquanni

    Principal Engineer
    • Materials engineer with more than 15 yrs in med device design & process development
    • Balanced approach to design with an eye for form, function, & DFM
    • Proven innovator – named on more than 20 patents
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  • Scott Huter

    Program Manager / Principal Engineer
    • Medical Device Field Since 1997
    • Named on more than 20 U.S. patents
    • MBA from CSU-San Marcos
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  • Andy Denison

    Principal Engineer
    • Active in the medical device industry since 1998
    • Expertise include product design and finite element analysis
    • Cited as an inventor on 25 U.S. patents
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  • Doug Gesswein

    Principal Quality Engineer
    • Medical device experience starting in 1987 and named on 13 U.S. patents
    • Guidance to gain ISO 13485 – Quality Management System approval
    • Knowledgeable in Design Controls, Risk Management and Statistical Techniques
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  • Jeff Burke

    Lead Technician
    • Manages the REV·1 technician workflow
    • Proficient in SOLIDWORKS and CAMWORKS
    • A passionate inventor, driven to make the impossible possible
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  • Nathan Engel

    • Versed in metal and plastics fabrication and welding since 2002
    • Engineering support, material and manufacturing selection and technology
    • Quality of work spanning championship winning race vehicles, medical devices, NASA prototypes
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  • Christopher Hayden

    • Major contributor to pre-clinical study protocols & prototype manufacturing
    • Participated in transfer of multiple REV·1-developed products to contract manufacturers
    • Skilled in CAD design, laser welding & ablation, and micro-catheter joining & assembly
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  • Steven Thompson

    Electrical Engineer
    • Medical device experience since 2005
    • Experience in a wide range of products from implantable to electro-mechanical devices
    • Proficient in building and testing innovative medical technology
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  • Jose Alvarado

    • Medical device technician since 2010
    • Expert in catheter and stent delivery system assembly
    • Machining & laser welding specialist
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  • Brett Hampton

    • R&D Technician since 2012
    • Molding & casting materials & processes
    • Equipment maintenance & calibration
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  • Michelle Burke

    Office Manager
    • With REV·1 since inception
    • BA in Business Marketing
    • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
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