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  • A small company has two enemies, cash burn and time. REV·1 has the kind of dream team you want to parachute into your organization and get it done 2x faster than if you tried to build your own. And their ability to acknowledge risk and account for it shows their thoroughness in thinking through your project before they start work… saving you money and time.

  • REV·1’s goal is not to have a customer, it’s to have a customer succeed. The team has lots of talent, from the execs to the techs. All work together to fix any problems and do not stop until it is fixed. REV·1’s combination of smart, talented engineers and great project managers make an unbeatable team.

  • REV·1 has top talent and moves faster than I could even find the resource. They are very time-conscious, even in the proposal phase, and their communication is constant. While they may initially be more expensive, you are buying time and getting your medical device development done and your product to market at least 2x faster is worth every penny.

  • I think of REV·1 Engineering as an extension of our internal R&D, not consultants. In a small company, with limited resources, you are looking for ways to maximize speed to market. Both Phil and Eric can quickly take a problem, frame up ideas and prototype concepts in-house, work closely with clinicians and internal staff to gather feedback, and then implement the solution.

  • Eric is a great engineer and creative designer and Phil is an out-of-the-box thinker. They challenge assumptions, push if they think there is a better way, and drive their talented team to get things done. With REV·1, you get what you expect to get, which is a good thing. Other companies may appear less expensive, but REV·1 is better at planning up-front and avoiding unexpected costs and delays.

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