March 16, 2017

Developing to Your Medical Device’s Character

We have clients with a wide range of products who knock on our door and request our help. Every project we review has its own character. And the product development plans we create with our clients are uniquely suited to that product and project’s own needs and requirements. So, what is your product’s character? Is it a potential game-changer – unlike anything that’s been brought to market before? A product that doesn’t seem to fit […]
February 22, 2017

Bending Medical Device Regulations?

At Rev.1 we pride ourselves in getting you to your project goals 2x Faster.  Typically, when we meet with clients for the first time, there are dozens of ways to speed up their project plan.  Cutting corners by breaking the law is NOT one of them. With a thorough knowledge of device regulations, we guide clients along the most efficient path through them.  Over the years, we have occasionally encountered a client who doesn’t fully understand […]
January 31, 2017

Managing the Contract Manufacturer: Is Your Product Ownership at Risk?

Product development with a contract manufacturer can seem like a good choice for a start-up company. Low or no-cost engineering in exchange for the manufacturing contract is an attractive incentive for companies on a shoestring budget. But how do you protect yourself and retain ownership of your medical device product development? First, understand that a contract manufacturer is far more interested in manufacturing your product than in developing it. Development is often not their ‘A’ […]
December 20, 2016
Medical Device Development Software

6 Smart Ways to Spend Money and Create Value for Your Medical Device

Every start-up company is looking for a successful endpoint: Bringing their product to market; or acquisition.  In either case, the degree of success is determined by the company’s perceived value.  Therefore, how can a start-up medical device company, which spends money and doesn’t generate revenue, create value?  Here are 6 key points to focus on in order to spend your precious start-up dollars wisely to create maximum value:   Robust, refined prototypes. You want to […]
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