April 24, 2017
REV.1 Engineering Medical Device

Medical Device Funding Confidence

Regardless of your stage or current structure, continued funding sources for medical device development are difficult to find. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, funding for medical device companies dropped by $1 billion in 2009, and has been essentially flat ever since. Large investors want to come in late, after technical and clinical risks have been eliminated and market acceptance validated. The only way to secure continued confidence and funding is to prove to your investors […]
April 21, 2017

REV.1 Engineering CEO Quoted in Forbes

REV.1 Engineering’s CEO, Eric Johnson, was recently quoted in a Forbes magazine article about artificial transplants (click here to read the whole article): “By quickening the procedure of manufacturing and design, 3D printing helps lower the costs of much-needed medical devices, be it prosthetics or even organ cells. It will truly be amazing to witness a real-life organ entirely via 3D printing. It would certainly be a much-needed breakthrough.” – Eric Johnson, CEO of Rev.1 […]
April 18, 2017

Medical Device Design Case Study: Communication is Key

At REV.1 Engineering, we work with many types of teams looking to bring their product to feasibility. Recently we worked with a physicians’ group that found our approach a refreshing change from what they’d been experiencing. This client was working with a “fixed bid” firm that needed product requirements clearly outlined up front, in engineering terms. This, of course, was not the physicians’ group’s specialty. Once they’d signed the contract, the firm essentially went dark […]
March 30, 2017

Medical Device Design Case Study: Achieving the Un-Achievable

At REV.1 Engineering, we’ve handled medical device product development for more than 120 products for 60+ clients. We specialize in complex, new-to-market products that require our innovative engineering approach. It’s not unusual for someone to bring us a product they’ve almost given up on. One such example is a recent client whose project had previously been at several other medical device development companies over the course of 8 years, before they were referred to REV.1. […]
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