February 16, 2016
Racecar in Pit

Which Barriers-to-Speed Slow Down Your Product Development?

In all my years working with start-up CEOs who have an innovative medical device sketched out on a napkin, I watch certain issues show up again and again. I’ve never met a successful medical device start-up CEO who feels they have the luxury of unlimited time and funds. Time and money are usually your enemies when you’re operating in competitive markets. Yet, if you’re built to go fast from Day 1, time becomes your ally, […]
March 1, 2016

3 Hidden Costs of the Low Fixed-Rate Bid for Medical Device Development

You’ve got a great idea for a new medical device sketched out. A successful implementation could mean acquisition of your start up company. But first you need engineers to bring your idea to life. The selection of your R&D team will make or break your medical device development project. Going with the lowest bidder may seem like the safest move… but there are hidden costs of a low fixed-rate bid. First, consider the adversarial mindset […]
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