Jun 30, 2017

REV.1 Engineering: Your Brick & Mortar Medical Device Engineering Office

REV.1 Engineering: Your Brick & Mortar Medical Device Engineering Office

Whether you’re running a start-up or are an established company looking for an outsourced medical device engineering solution, REV.1 Engineering is the turnkey medical device R&D team you are looking for. You are involved and informed just as if your team was down the hall. Every one of our staff is adept at using multiple platforms for virtual meetings, and we communicate continuously as your project progresses. You’ll be involved in every major design decision and celebrate every milestone your project meets.

If you are a start-up CEO, REV·1 can also become the brick and mortar location for your virtual start-up, with a very impressive office showcasing sophisticated equipment. REV·1’s team members are adept at hosting your FDA meeting, physicians and key opinion leaders who want to see a product demo, or an investor who wants to meet your engineering team. You can meet doctors, investors, regulators at the REV·1 building, and it becomes YOUR office for the day.

REV.1 works just as effectively with start-up companies as with large, established companies. We can get your project moving 2x Faster than it would take with a start-up in-house team. Give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at info@rev1engineering.com, and let’s see what you need from your R&D team.

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Learn how REV·1 Engineering delivers medical devices 2X Faster than traditional, in- house design and development processes. From concept to commercialization, REV·1 delivers turn-key solutions for today’s most complex medical technologies.