Case Study

JVC Consulting

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Due to surging demand for a critical medical device, JVC Consulting, a Lean Manufacturing consultancy, was contracted to ramp up production at a contract manufacturing organization. Upon evaluation, JVC concluded the device itself had been rushed into production and not optimized for manufacturing quality or efficiencies.

The Solution

The Solution

Provided with a four month delivery date, REV·1 was contracted to develop a plan to refine the design, develop additional product configurations, scale the tooling/fixturing and production line to quadruple manufacturing capabilities. REV·1 embedded engineering and technical resources onsite and orchestrated a collective team of 45 resources to work to solve the challenges.

“Our client had an R&D project crucial to a new strategic growth area. However, the technology was new, and they lacked the resources to execute their commitments. We brought in REV.1, who established and drove the timelines, deadlines, customer needs, daily meetings and hourly updates, and most importantly, focused on fixing the design and development issues for the long-term so the product could be manufactured consistently and profitably. Ask them about when they used a private pilot and plane to shave days of the project plan.”

Ron Lattanze, former consultant with JVC Consulting; current President, Lucerno Dynamics, LLC.

The Result

Production was quadrupled while yield rates went from 35% to 95%. Four additional product sizes were also introduced in less than four months and released for human use.

“The project was delivered far faster than could be achieved in-house, and the product now represents significant growth for our client. REV.1 was more than two times faster to develop a marketable product than our client projected they could achieve.”

Ron Lattanze, JVC Consulting

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