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Vascular Medical Device Development

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Cardiovascular Medical Device Development

Rev.1 Engineering is a medical device development company at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions for cardiovascular devices. With a strong commitment to advancing cardiovascular care, we take pride in delivering innovative and reliable devices to combat the rising challenges of cardiovascular disease.

Explore our comprehensive services for agile medical device development, specifically tailored to meet the demands of cardiovascular medical devices. With expertise in minimally invasive cardiac technologies from catheter-based interventions to smart guidewires, sensor catheters, balloon catheters, and more. Our experienced team of engineers has successfully delivered multiple groundbreaking cardiovascular solutions to our clients.

Medical Device Development for Peripheral Vascular Products

Our focus lies in addressing the challenges posed by peripheral vascular diseases and crafting effective solutions for our customer’s peripheral vascular device technologies.

Explore our comprehensive services for precision device development, tailored to meet the unique demands of peripheral vascular devices. Drawing on our expertise in minimally invasive vascular technologies, from catheter-based interventions to advanced imaging and remote monitoring systems, our exceptional team of engineers has successfully introduced groundbreaking solutions for peripheral vascular care including inter-vascular imaging, PTA interventions, embolic protection, and more.

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Working with Rev.1 Engineering

Partner with Rev.1 Engineering, a leading medical device development company, to gain access to a team with extensive clinical and technical expertise. Overall, we average over 20 years of industry experience. Our collaborative approach ensures seamless coordination with our clients that saves you time and money during the development process.


Learn more about our design and innovation facility and 2,000 square foot cleanroom.

Case Studies

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Design & Innovation

rev.1 engineering headquarters building where we design and develop medical devices
Rev.1 Engineering is headquartered in Temecula, California. This location acts as the center for innovation and general business activites. Here, we focus on providing our customers with medical device design and development services.

Strategic Manufacturing

The Murrieta, California location, situated within a five-minute drive to our headquarters, hosts our 2,000 sqft cleanroom and strategic manufacturing facility. This cleanroom can meet the standards for both a Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom environment.

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