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Ablation Frontiers – Medtronic Case Study

Cardiac Ablation Device for Treating Treating Atrial and Ventricle Fibrillation.

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The Challenge

Ablation Frontiers’ family of Cardiac Ablation devices experienced high market adoption rates and rapid growth in sales upon launch. As demand skyrocketed, excessive manufacturing complexity and resulting lead times, the Cost of Goods Sold, and the need to improve the devices’ clinician interface threatened continuous growth and profitability.

The Solution

Applying our rigorous approach, REV.1 evaluated the existing design and proposed five alternative design path solutions. In only six months, REV.1 executed the selected design through to validated, molded parts and the creation of new assembly procedures, tooling and manufacturing fixtures.

The Result

Our approach reduced the part count from 33 to 7, and decreased assembly per device time by nearly five hours. Ablation Frontiers was acquired by Medtronic in 2009.