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Product Development

Since 2008, we have built a track record of helping a variety of businesses from large OEMs to brand-new startups develop their medical device products.
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Medical Device Product Development

Introducing a medical device to the market is a complex journey. Often, working with many different partners can make the process feel scattered and slow, causing confusion and delays. This can be especially tough for medical device startups trying to break through.

Since 2008, Rev.1 Engineering has built up a strong track record helping a variety of businesses develop their products. We’ve developed a broad range of skills and resources in-house to cover every step of product design and development. Our toolkit includes a team of engineers, a specialized early-stage manufacturing cleanroom, experienced project managers, and much more. This makes us your go-to partner for everything you need to get your medical device from an idea to a finished product that’s ready for commercialization.

Whether you’re starting with a prototype that’s already been tested or you’re at the very beginning with just an idea, we’re here to help – it’s never too early to reach out. We guide your medical device product through every stage, making sure it moves smoothly towards being a market-ready product. With us, you can trust that your vision is in capable hands, ready to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare world.

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Bench Testing

An important aspect of the development process, bench testing allows us to test devices in a simulated environment.

Quality Support

We offer a versatile Quality Management System (QMS) that adapts to the varying needs of medtech companies.

Strategic Manufacturing

Meet crucial development milestones, such as V&V, animal studies, and regulatory clearance without needing to find a full-scale contract manufacturer.

Start Developing Your Medical Device

Rev.1 Engineering can help take your device from concept to approval with our innovative solutions for complex medical device technologies.