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Strategic Manufacturing

Meet crucial development milestones, such as V&V, animal studies, and regulatory clearance without needing to find a full-scale contract manufacturer.
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Early-Stage Medical Device Manufaturing

At Rev.1 Engineering, we recognize the unique challenges that medical device startups face during, especially when finding an engineer and early-stage manufacturing company. As you move through crucial development milestones, such as V&V, animal studies, and regulatory clearance, we understand the importance of a seamless manufacturing process.

Traditional contract manufacturers may not be able to fulfill the specific needs of startups when it comes to early-stage manufacturing. Our approach bridges this gap by offering flexible and agile manufacturing solutions that complement your journey from development to full-scale production.

Mitigating Risk for Success During Early-Stage Manufacturing

Our proactive and disciplined approach involves “Design for Risk Management Throughout the Critical Chain.” By identifying potential bottlenecks early on, we ensure a smooth path to market and substantial cost savings.

Our collaborative approach fosters open communication and knowledge sharing between our team and yours, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition as you move towards full-scale production. By leveraging our expertise in early-stage manufacturing, you can focus on advancing your medical device technology while we handle the intricacies of production.

Strategic Sourcing and State-of-the-Art Facilities

As a part of the ASAHI Filmecc family of companies, we leverage over four decades of quality leadership in guidewires, components, coatings, and custom sub-assemblies through strategic sourcing.

Additionally, with our 14,000 square foot Development and Innovation facility and dedicated, compliant Strategic Manufacturing facility, we cater to early-stage manufacturing needs. Our Strategic Manufacturing solutions are designed to accelerate your company’s valuation and ensure a competitive advantage in the market. Partner with us today and make manufacturing a seamless part of your success story.

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Design for Manufacturing

DFM saves time and money during the manufacturing phase by driving risk management through the development process.

Prototyping & Design

Rapid prototyping is vital in the development process, facilitating innovation through immediate feedback and modifications.

Product Development

Since 2008, we have built a track record of helping a variety of businesses from large OEMs to brand-new startups develop their medical device products.

Start Developing Your Medical Device

Rev.1 Engineering can help take your device from concept to approval with our innovative solutions for complex medical device technologies.