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Christopher Hayden


Chris has been a Technician at REV·1 Engineering since 2011. Chris came to REV·1 after working in accounting and marketing positions at various companies. Chris found himself in the mortgage industry at the time of the mortgage crisis and decided at that time to begin to move his career in the direction of a more technical field.

Chris took a technician position at REV·1 and quickly found a passion for working with his hands, creating, and solving difficult technical problems. Chris has since blossomed into one of REV·1’s expert technicians, working side-by-side with the engineers on staff. He has played a key role in development of a broad range of devices, from micro-catheters to opto-electrical systems.

Chris specializes in early stage R&D, failure analysis, technical documentation, product testing and problem solving. He is a highly creative innovator and is named on multiple U.S. patents.