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Wearable medical device development with a focus on human factors.
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Ergonomics and Human Factors in Device Design

At Rev.1 Engineering, we believe that medical device wearables should not only deliver exceptional functionality but also offer a comfortable and intuitive experience. Our commitment to ergonomics and human factors ensures that your wearable seamlessly integrates into the lives of users. We meticulously consider the ergonomic design, user preferences, and ease of use, creating wearables that empower individuals to manage their health effortlessly and comfortably.

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Hardware, PCBs, Firmware, and Connectivity

At Rev.1 Engineering, our electrical engineering team is equipped with a comprehensive skill set that spans hardware development, intricate PCB design, firmware programming, and seamless connectivity. We specialize in crafting robust hardware components and designing intricate PCB layouts that power the functionality of your medical device wearable. Our expertise extends to developing efficient firmware and establishing seamless connections to mobile apps via Bluetooth technology, enabling real-time data monitoring and interaction for users.

Hardware and Software: Seamless Integration

The success of medical device wearables hinges on the synergy between hardware and software. Our electrical engineering approach is rooted in achieving a harmonious integration of these components. By ensuring seamless cooperation between hardware elements and software interfaces, we create wearables that offer not only accuracy and reliability but also a cohesive and user-friendly experience. This integration allows users to effortlessly engage with their health data through intuitive interfaces.

Design & Innovation

rev.1 engineering headquarters building where we design and develop medical devices
Rev.1 Engineering is headquartered in Temecula, California. This location acts as the center for innovation and general business activites. Here, we focus on providing our customers with medical device design and development services.

Strategic Manufacturing

The Murrieta, California location, situated within a five-minute drive to our headquarters, hosts our 2,000 sqft cleanroom and strategic manufacturing facility. This cleanroom can meet the standards for both a Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom environment.

Start Developing Your Medical Device

Rev.1 Engineering can help take your device from concept to approval with our innovative solutions for complex medical device technologies.