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5 Ways to Create a Medical Device Development Contractor Partnership

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“REV.1 Engineering gets involved and puts skin in the game. They are very good problem solvers who take ownership. It wasn’t just ‘the client’s’ project, it was always ‘OUR’ project.”

That’s the kind of testimonial you want to be able to give your contract R&D firm! And it’s certainly the kind of testimonial we love to get.

When you choose your medical device development contractor, be sure you select a partner who cares about your success as much as you do. An R&D firm with a sense of ownership, pride in their work, passion for design and excellence in execution will be happy to create a true partnership with you:

1) From the beginning, cultivate a “partner” relationship by involving your contractor in design development. Don’t just toss them a design and allow them no input. An experienced R&D firm will give you great input and the ultimate product will be the best it can be.

2) You want an R&D firm who cares about more than just creating your prototype. A firm committed to your success will want to know that what they create will work in the real world of medical devices. Their team will eagerly take on a high level of responsibility, will understand the intended patient use for your product, and want to see you succeed.

3) Ideal program management incorporates all aspects of your medical device development project, including important milestones that, while not strictly R&D related, are dependent on product development milestones. Your firm’s project manager works to keep the whole team – client AND contractor – on track to meet the overall program goals.

4) A firm that views you as a partner will work within your quality system and train to your procedures. Their team will consider themselves your team, and wear the “hat” of your company while working on your project. Your contract R&D team will work toward your best interest and, rather than focus narrowly on just their development milestones, apply their experience to give you a heads up on any program details they discover that may impact the overall project.

5) An ideal partner firm has opinions about your joint project and will share them with you. If they feel the project design needs improvement, or that the corners you might want to cut will be detrimental to your device success, they will say so and work with you to create the best possible outcome within your budget limitations.

Creating the ideal partnership with your contract R&D firm lays a solid foundation for your work together. While you might be satisfied with a firm that simply follows your instructions, you won’t even know what you are missing. When you have the right partner, the ideas flow back and forth, resulting in the very best product outcome possible.

At REV.1 Engineering, we are ready to partner with you to put your device development on hyper-speed. We can step in immediately as your full service, 2x Faster R&D team. Give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at