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7 Realities of Building an In-House Medical Device Development Team

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In-house medical device development requires dedicated, highly skilled and experienced talent; acquisition of necessary equipment and facilities to build to feasibility and beyond; and sourcing and management of reliable partners for specialty materials, preclinical trials, and the regulatory process.

As you are calculating the time it will take to bring your new team together, keep these realities in mind:

  • What will it take to convince your first-pick hire to leave a job they already have?
  • Instead of the “right” talent expect “available” staff members that are “good enough”
  • Headhunter fees will eat up your cash reserves, and hiring three engineers will likely take 200+ hours recruiting, interviewing, and negotiating
  • Funding for just a few positions means different but narrow skillsets, none of which you’ll consistently need full time
  • Your staff will need offices with team meeting spaces, equipped with desks, computers, printers, software, etc., plus HR, payroll, and benefits support
  • It will take several months to build team cohesion to full speed with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • You’ll have to acquire, equip, set up , calibrate and train staff in a fully functioning lab with (expensive) precision equipment for medical device product development

Building a team and medical device engineering infrastructure inevitably takes much more money up front, diluting your funding before you’ve even begun to create value. And the lack of resource flexibility is a serious time and quality drain.

With REV.1 Engineering, you have a built-in R&D team – fully functional, with a complete operating lab and a spectrum of talented, full-time resources that can be scheduled according to your medical device development needs. At REV.1 Engineering, we move – 2x Faster than building an in-house team. Give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at, and let’s get started.