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Attention Carlsbad Medical Device Companies: Discover Murrieta Research & Development Services

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If your company is based in Carlsbad, CA and you are looking to outsource your medical device development, look no further than REV.1 Engineering in Murrieta.

You are invited to visit our state-of-the-art facilities and meet with our team about your latest medical device project. Whether you have a napkin sketch of an idea or a prototype that you can’t seem to move to the next phase, we are ready to get started today.

Our engineers have decades of experience in the field of medical device design and development. We are proud to employ our team of skilled medical device engineers and technicians full-time.

Why is that important to you? Because it means our Murrieta-based team works together day in and day out, which lets them hit the ground running with your project in Carlsbad. You don’t have to wait while we call in part-time contractors or wonder if a lack of team cohesion might slow things down. Our lead engineers each have more than two decades of experience to bring to the table. And, we employ a full array of skill-sets, meaning you get exactly the resources you need, when you need them – at every stage, from design to proto-type to verification to testing to regulatory approval.

Our investment is in creating a successful medical device for you – we don’t benefit from manufacturing in any way, so you know that our only objective is helping you bring your product to commercialization. We immerse ourselves in your project, share your vision, and take your goals as our own.

We do not just work for clients; we integrate our team with yours. With less than an hour’s drive between Carlsbad and Murrieta, we are always within reach. If you already have an R&D team and you need specialized resources, we can help to provide those services. If you’re looking for total outsourcing, our experienced team of engineers and technicians will work on your project in our fully equipped labs and machine shop.

REV.1 Engineering can take your Carlsbad-based project from napkin sketch to commercialization. Our proprietary project management system takes every aspect of your medical device product into account. Give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at and arrange a visit. We look forward to working with our Southern California neighbors to move your project forward 2x Faster.