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Client Collaboration in Outsourced Medical Device Development

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We were thinking about the expression, “When I tell you to jump, you say, ‘How high?’” The intent of this expression is clearly “Do what you’re told,” and we often encounter clients that approach outsourcing in the same fashion. Rather than approaching a partner company from a collaborative standpoint, they believe they have to control every step.

Exerting excessive control is usually a response to managing the unknown. Often a client’s fears of entering a partnering agreement with a contract firm are well-founded; perhaps they’ve been burned before, or perhaps they don’t trust that another company could possibly have their best interest at heart.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without trust, you’ll constantly feel you have to look over your partner’s shoulder.

At REV.1 Engineering, we build this trust with precise and regular communication. We don’t sugar-coat our project updates – you’ll always know exactly where your work stands, what the issues are, and what the possible solutions might be.

Within our company, we are a flat organization with a tight-knit team who collaborate with each other well – and then naturally extend that spirit to our clients. When we take on a new client, we integrate the two teams and work collaboratively, not just on the initial project parameters, but throughout the development process.

  • If you are looking to outsource your medical device development, whether you are a large company in need of a supplemental team or a new company starting from scratch, make sure you can trust your outsource partner. Here are a few things to think about:
  • Are they going to take your problem statement to heart and dedicate themselves to finding the best solution – not the easiest one?
  • Do they have a well-defined program or project management structure that clearly lays out timing, resources and milestones?
  • Are they looking for direction rather than collaboration – or, worse yet, is their plan to “go dark” for several weeks without giving you any feedback?

We’re happy to jump as high as your medical device needs us to go – but we want to work with you to determine exactly how high that is!

If you want your project to benefit from a strong collaborative approach to medical device development, get in touch. At REV.1 Engineering, we have established project management protocols that support client communication and innovative development – 2x Faster than building an in-house team. Give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at, and let’s collaborate.