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Developing to Your Medical Device’s Character

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We have clients with a wide range of products who knock on our door and request our help. Every project we review has its own character. And the product development plans we create with our clients are uniquely suited to that product and project’s own needs and requirements.So, what is your product’s character? Is it a potential game-changer – unlike anything that’s been brought to market before? A product that doesn’t seem to fit within any engineering firms’ core capabilities? Or is your product one that’s more familiar – maybe just slightly different from others that have been developed previously?If the latter, then the development path is fairly straightforward. But if your product is more unique, then you need an R&D team you can trust to forge a new path to your end goal. REV.1 Engineering thrives in these more challenging projects. REV.1 has a history of offering unique processes and materials to meet unique needs. And, since we keep virtually everything in house, we’re adept at creating new combinations that bolster value, design integrity and IP. Here are some recent examples of REV.1 innovation at work:

  • Nitinol ribbon wire combined with a novel plastic sheathing and flex circuitry to make mapping catheters. While many companies can handle these individual processes, REV.1 brings them all together and makes them work.
  • Engineers used the science of electrical fields to develop FEA models to develop a multi-phase commercial-ready cancer treatment product to stimulate cellular uptake via combined biologic injection and electroporation.
  • Deep knowledge of fluid dynamics and microfluidics from a theoretical and practical standpoint allowed us to create a product that could inject a micro-dose of therapeutic solution circumferentially into the renal perivascular space.
  • Identification of novel material sets and a customized bench test regimen to ensure the success of an innovative implant that could endure delivery to the gastric system. Novel electronics integrated into a minimally invasive interventional device with a profile that initially seemed un-achievable (the client had been through a few other development firms that either passed or failed previously – REV.1 brought it to proof-of-feasibility in 4 months).
  • Combined molded and converted parts using advanced materials to create an advanced surgical wound care product. Developed >b?innovative bench models to vet prototypes and test preliminary product against rigorous requirements prior to human use.

Our extensive in-house development tools and processes combined with our creative and highly experienced full-time staff of engineers, technicians and machinists make REV.1 uniquely suited to handle complex and innovative devices – in fact, it’s what we enjoy the most!

In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details about some of these projects, so you can get a real feel for how REV.1 works with clients. If you are ready to go 2x Faster right now, give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at, and let’s get your unique product moving.