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Foothill Ranch Medical Device Development: Rapid Transformation from Prototype to Commercialization

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Getting a new medical device product to market is a challenge. If your company is located in Foothill Ranch, read on to learn more about Rev.1 Engineering, a top outsource solution for medical device development located in nearby Murrieta.

Our streamlined and effective product development and project management process operates in a unique and proprietary ecosystem that has moved our clients’ medical devices from napkin sketch to prototype to manufacturing.

Your Dedicated, Experienced Team

With a team of specialty engineers, project managers and technicians, REV.1 Engineering’s full-time staff combines decades of broad experience in companies like Boston Scientific, Stryker, Abbott, Guidant, and NYPRO. If you are based in Foothill Ranch, REV.1 Engineering is a medical device engineering firm that can work as your outsourced all-in-one R&D team. We’ve got the skilled designers, engineers, technicians, and project managers you need to bring your medical device from concept to commercialization.

Project management is key to REV.1’s success. We have developed a proprietary project development process (PDP) that is FDA, CE, and ISO compliant. Complete documentation is key to regulatory approval and successful transfer to manufacturing, and we are proud to say our team and process allow us to bring your medical device to life 2x faster than building an in-house team.

We draw up a project plan within days of taking on a client, which includes realistic timelines, projected regulatory scheduling and a complete prototype-to-commercialization budget. Clients are regularly updated with on-going project reports – we don’t “hide” from our clients! And we don’t make critical design decisions without client input. Click here to read about our “no surprises” approach to partnering with clients.

Whether you have an existing team that needs specialized support, or you have a new project that your current team doesn’t have time to handle, REV.1 Engineering integrates seamlessly into your company. By developing in tandem with pursuit of regulatory approval, we can move your project to commercialization quickly.

As you well know, a delay in getting to market can mean the loss of millions of dollars in revenue. With REV.1 Engineering, your success is our success – and we’re right here in Murrieta, California, ready to quickly step in and assist your Foothill Ranch firm.

If you’re looking for an experienced, full-time R&D team close to your Foothill Ranch location, REV.1 Engineering in Murrieta can get you to your goals 2x Faster. Give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at