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Medical Device Design Case Study: Achieving the Un-Achievable

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At REV.1 Engineering, we’ve handled medical device product development for more than 120 products for 60+ clients. We specialize in complex, new-to-market products that require our innovative engineering approach. It’s not unusual for someone to bring us a product they’ve almost given up on.

One such example is a recent client whose project had previously been at several other medical device development companies over the course of 8 years, before they were referred to REV.1. While all of the previous medical device design firms were happy to take this client’s money, not one was successful at delivering a feasible product design.

To be fair to the other firms, this particular product concept was one of the most challenging applications we have ever seen. It required integrating a unique set of electronics into a minimally invasive device with a package profile that (initially) seemed impossible. While many contract manufacturers and product development firms advertise diverse capabilities, in practice, most are too big to properly deal with a complex, completely new product such as this.

As could be expected, after being spun in and out of several other contract firms, this client showed up on our doorstep with a lot of mistrust in the process. We had several initial conversations with the client, gaining their trust and eventually the contract. Within four months we had brought a product thought of as an impossible dream to feasibility. How did we do it?

First, our creative REV.1 Engineering team listened carefully to the client’s needs and goals. We took their novel medical device design and manipulated it into a slightly different variation to achieve all of the necessary and desired functionality – but used our practical knowledge, skills and experience to package it in a more manufacturing-friendly concept.

Second, we streamlined the front-end R&D. Using our invaluable network of the best industry suppliers and our own in-house assembly capabilities, we began prototyping immediately. This allowed us to prove or disprove the initial key project assumptions and jump-started our forward momentum to keep the creative juices flowing.

At REV.1, not only do we have on-site prototyping technologies, we employ full-time technicians and machinists. These invaluable team members work closely with the engineering staff, but also have the freedom to add their own creativity to early design concepts and to process development. This creates a much quicker, more effective iteration-test cycle.

As the project moved on and designs got more robust, we employed our standard practice of running pre-clinical modeling parallel to the prototyping process. Our prototyping team also participates in the medical device bench testing to keep the cycle of design/create/test/verify moving at a rapid pace.

From a medical device design perspective, our engineers bring a wide range – and many collective decades – of experience with electronics, fluid dynamics, materials science, and minimally invasive medical devices.

Our entire staff is always excited to work on a product that is considered a challenge. Because we are fully staffed with full-time resources, we can always accommodate any medical device development, no matter how difficult. This particular product is currently in development and attracting the attention of multiple corporate partners.

Do you have a challenging product that needs to be developed? Bring it to the R&D firm that relishes the challenge – and has the design, engineering, and development chops to make it happen. Even your most difficult product development can go 2x Faster right now. Give us a call at 951.696.3933, connect with us on LinkedIn, or send us an email at, and let’s get your unique product moving.