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Medical Device Development with Advanced Materials

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REV.1 recently had a client with a highly specialized wound care product which combined molded and converted parts. Careful sourcing was necessary to find the advanced materials necessary.

The client had a difficult time finding the right firm with the capability to bring all the different resources required to move from concept to feasibility to successful product.

REV.1 Engineering laid out a comprehensive product development program that included innovative bench models to vet prototypes and test the preliminary product. Rigorous requirements had to be met prior to human use, and the client had been unable to find a firm willing and able to take the innovative approach their product needed.

While REV.1 designers, engineers, and technicians were at work, REV.1 principals acted as the interface between the client’s corporate officers, marketing, regulatory and clinical authorities. The client not only got the high quality, feasible product they were looking for, REV.1 guided them through the process in all aspects of their product’s development.

REV.1 Engineering’s commitment to this client and their product resulted in an innovative design brought to feasibility, cleared through the FDA, and fully resourced for manufacturing. With REV·1 you’ll move 2x Faster than building an in-house medical device development team.

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