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Rev.1 Engineering® Named As Exclusive Development Partner For Valvublator

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Leonhardt Ventures taps Rev.1 Engineering to design and develop Valvublator’s heart valve regeneration technology platform.

Rev.1 Engineering has been selected as the exclusive design and development partner for the commercialization of Valvublator’s advanced, combination drug/device/biologics technology for regenerating human heart valves. Valvublator’s platform integrates mechanical, electrical, therapeutical, and biological elements in a single, minimally invasive catheter to decalcify, cell sod and regenerate a patient’s heart valve leaflets. It is intended as an alternative to heart valve replacement implants.

“We’re very excited to be working with Howard Leonhardt and his exceptional team at Leonhardt Ventures and Valvublator on this project,” said Eric Johnson, CEO of Rev.1 Engineering. “We have a long, successful track record of developing catheter-based, drug/device combination products, so it’s a great fit for our team as well.”

Rev.1’s involvement developing drug/device combination products dates back to 2011 with their work assisting OncoSec with the development of their electroporation/genetic payload delivery catheter for treating solid tumors. Rev.1 continues to be the sole developer of Ablative Solution’s renal denervation technology as well. Valvublator’s technology delivers a sequence of targeted, therapeutic interventions. The catheter’s tip mechanically removes plaque from the heart valve leaflets, assisted by an ultrasound transmitter for cleaning calcified plaque from the area. A biochemically safe solvent is also introduced to support decalcification. Debris is removed via vacuum.

Once the leaflets are cleaned of plaque, a proprietary, biological gel is aspirated onto the surface and micro needles are deployed for cell sodding. An electrical transmitter is then used to signal Stromal Cell Derived Factor 1 (SDF-1), a chemokine involved in the recruiting and homing of stem cells.

“I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in the regenerative medicine space since 2003,” added a Rev.1 Engineering contributor. “It’s been a long journey from the bench to the clinic, so being a part of this commercialization process is truly a thrill. Combination products like Valvublator represent the future of medical device.”

Rev.1 Engineering will also be working on additional technologies under development by the Leonhardt Ventures’ portfolio of medical device companies. About Leonhardt Ventures: Founded in 1982 as HL Leonhardt & Co. (Since 2005 Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures) is the commercialization and venture capital arm of inventor Howard J. Leonhardt, an inventor with over 22 issued patents for organ regeneration and recovery and hundreds of new patent claims pending. The team patented and developed PolyCath balloon catheters in the 1980s, stent grafts and percutaneous heart valves in the 1990s, and since 2000, has focused on bioelectric and biologics based organ regeneration starting with heart regeneration. Over 400,000 patients have been treated with Leonhardt inventions to date including the leading stent graft system for repairing aortic aneurysms.