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Sales & Marketing for Medical Device Startups

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I recently had the pleasure of presenting a one hour training session on Sales and Marketing, specifically tailored to the unique needs of medical device startups. The event was hosted by UMass Lowell’s M2D2 accelerator program. You’re welcome to listen to and view the presentation here.

Most of us can visualize the roles of sales and marketing, post commercial launch. But what is involved pre-money? Post-money? Pre-launch? The roles of sales and marketing evolve quickly within this environment. Properly orchestrated, and long before FDA approval, the activities of sales and marketing will be a key factor in the success of your endeavor at launch, and beyond!

This is just another example of the portfolio of services and industry knowledge the Rev.1/ASAHI team delivers to our customers, everyday.

If you’re looking at bringing a new medical device to market, give us a call. Rev.1 Engineering is a great place to start!