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First-Of-Kind Medical Device Development

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First-of-Kind Device Development

Rev.1 Engineering partners with companies like yours to develop first-of-kind devices that not only disrupt industries but also transform lives. With a proven history of technical ability, collaborative and agile device development, we are your premier choice for pushing the boundaries of medical device innovation.

Our team of experienced engineers thrive on overcoming intricate engineering challenges and helping you navigate complex risk-mitigation. We approach every project as a unique opportunity to contribute our diverse skills, ensuring that your visionary concept evolves into a tangible, groundbreaking device.

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Collaboration and Agile Development

Rev.1 Engineering is your partner through ideation to early-stage manufacturing or transfer. Our collaborative approach ensures that you’re part of ever decision. Through concept refinement, rigorous prototyping, and comprehensive testing, we transform your innovative ideas into tangible, manufacture-ready medical devices.

See our case studies to learn more about the innovative devices we’ve worked on previously. From complex catheters, capital equipment, wearables, and more, our broad range of experience sets your device up for success. At Rev.1 Engineering, our mission is to elevate companies while positively impacting the medical community and patients.

Design & Innovation

rev.1 engineering headquarters building where we design and develop medical devices
Rev.1 Engineering is headquartered in Temecula, California. This location acts as the center for innovation and general business activites. Here, we focus on providing our customers with medical device design and development services.

Strategic Manufacturing

The Murrieta, California location, situated within a five-minute drive to our headquarters, hosts our 2,000 sqft cleanroom and strategic manufacturing facility. This cleanroom can meet the standards for both a Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom environment.

Start Developing Your Medical Device

Rev.1 Engineering can help take your device from concept to approval with our innovative solutions for complex medical device technologies.